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Have you ever had a dream that seemed to be so significant and vivid,
but had no idea what it meant?

You are not alone. Dreams are such mysteries! We could know more about them if we could only get a grasp on the language of dreams. I am a person who knows this language and helps people do just that. I am a Dream Interpreter and Instructor.



Over the past 10 years I have interpreted over 6,000 dreams and what I have learned in doing so is nothing short of remarkable. My passion is to help others learn to understand their dreams and I have been teaching people nation-wide how to do just that. Adult Community Enrichment Classes help me do that. The attendees go away informed, educated, fascinated, and enthused about the future of their personal dream journeys. Most of all, they get insight at my classes regarding those mysterious dreams they have had and walk away grateful they came.


I have been teaching everything from one-hour workshops and speaking engagements to two day classes. I have taught groups as small as five people in home settings to over 100 people in hotel conference rooms. I have spoke in many cities in the Midwest and as far as Oklahoma and North Carolina.



In 2011 I was the host of my own one-hour weekly radio show called “TALK ABOUT A DREAM!” It aired live online at People called in desperate to know the meanings of their dreams. I am also a regular guest on radio shows across the country where I take dreams from callers and discuss dreams and dream interpretation.

Here's a sample of a recent guest appearance by me...

Allan Handleman Show
FM 101.1 WZTK - Burlington, NC


I have authored a book about warning dreams, entitled, "SLEEPING WITH YOUR EYES OPEN - WARNING DREAMS". This book has helped many understand their precognitive dreams and what, if anything, they can do about them.

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Teaching someone a topic can be a rigorous task. My style is uplifting and full of enthusiasm. My passion for the subject is easy to see and it is contagious to those listening. But it is not without content.

I have been exhaustively studying on the subject for 12 years now and bring the latest science has to offer regarding dreams, sleep, and the brain. I explain that science drops off quickly when it comes to interpretation. I tell them the various methods and biases that are involved interpreting dreams. I give them distinctions in there dreams between what may be significant and what is an over load of the previous days events. I make it clear that understanding our dreams is a process and ongoing discipline and not something understood in its entirety in one night.


What pleasure it brings to me when I have helped a student with his or her dreams. Like the police women whose face lit up when I opened her eyes to what she thought was a very bizarre dream. Especially, when she discovered this could lend help to her in her work. A big smile came over her face minutes later when her eyes were opened to further interpretation of other elements in her dream and THAT came all by herself as she pondered on it. 100% of a those who have attended a Community Ed class said they would strongly desire to come to a level 2 class if provided. I have now begun scheduling the level 2 class so attendees can learn more of these mysterious things we have called dreams.

Or how the elderly woman who has had reoccurring dreams involving excess clutter in her basement and how she had 50 miles to go in moving but only had to ride a tricycle to get there. She went away knowing and relieved. She is going to spend time lightening the load in her life that she easily recognized once the dream was interpreted.



I teach people "the language of dreams"—symbolism. I show them examples of this language through a repertoire of dreams and their own dreams. This is a highly interactive event in which every one gets to share and ask questions. This is not a lecture. We laugh and we have many AHA!!! Moments. From young to old, all are walk away informed, with great awareness, and excited to begin a new journey in their personal dream-world. Most who come with the problem of not being able to remember their dreams find out that as early as the night after the class, the dreams return to them. A recent attendee told me that she had 24 dreams in the two-week period of time that followed her attending my class. Before that day she struggled to remember one dream per month.

Classes Offered


Basic principles for interpreting your dreams. Learn about the types of dreams we dream and find their significance in our lives.  Discover how you can better know what your dreams mean by understanding the language of dreams.  Learn about dreams and their significance along with understanding their symbolic language so that we can know more about what they mean. Also, learning the process in retaining and recording these dreams effectively.  This class will be both informative and FUN! 


Where level 1 leaves off, level two continues. Level 2 is less about the facts, less about the types of dreams and less about how to remember your dreams. In level two we go further into interpretation of dreams. We use both illustrated dreams that Craig brings with in a powerpoint presentation, as well as interpreting dreams that the class members bring. This is the "roll up your sleeves" workshop type class in which the attendees themselves get even more involved with interpreting the dreams brought forth in the class. Craig becomes more of a coach than an instructor. The class encourages the participation and interpretive thoughts of the student and helps them through every step of the interpretive process. Many more symbolic definitions are presented with examples from dreams Craig has gathered over the years. This is for the serious and the disciplined. This level doesn’t emphasize the information as much as it does the further equipping the dreamer to take more steps in interpreting there dreams and dreams of those around them.

See What Others Are Saying

"Craig's dream interpretation for me was SPOT ON! Thanks Craig. -Steve

"Craig had a tremendous amount of insight and seemed to know the exact questions to ask me. Probing to help interpret my bizarre dream and it's meaning. As a result, I was able to make a few key changes in my life and it was PRICELESS! -Mandy

"Immediately after going to one of Craig's classes I started remembering my dreams! " -Mary

"Thanks Craig. A+. You will be hearing from me." -Lisa

"Craig is the real deal." -John

"I had been having a reoccurring dream on and off for years. After sharing it with Craig at one of his classes he helped me understand what it meant and WHY I kept having it! Thank you Craig. " -Jill


Everyone Dreams.
Now give them the class they need!

100% of my dream class attendees say they'd recommend my class to others!


Let's talk about getting one of my dream classes booked in YOUR community.
It'll be a great addition to your program.



I look forward to hearing from you!
~Craig Groethe

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